Other Media

This page will contain links to other content that I have been able stick my nose and opinions into. Most are work related – feel free to leave comments here or on the source pages.

Interview on Buildings.com – “Exemplifying Energy Management – Meeting Massive Goals

Working with Schneider Electric – a case study video about the Earth Rangers Centre. & a list of all my blog posts on Schneider’s Buildings Blog.

October 2012 LEED Platinum blog post – “Journey to LEED Platinum

Interviewed by Canada.com – “Green collar jobs are a science and an art

June 2012 recording of a presentation at Cisco Live in San Diego – “Energy Management Information System Demo

May 2012 interview for Schneider Buildings Blog – “Should you focus on phantom power losses?

Article published by Construction Canada, April 2012 – “Building Heavy with the Earth Rangers“. A discussion about the operational benefits of thermal mass (concrete) construction in buildings, and biodiversity impacts resulting from material choices.

March 2012 comment in the Toronto Star – “Peterborough house will be green to the extreme

Interview in the Globe and Mail – January 2012. “The Office Gets a Blast of Fresh Air“. What the office of the future will look like, and how it already exists, benefitting tenants and owners.

Mention in a Greenbiz.com article after the Greenbuild 2011 Expo in Toronto – “Scenes from Greenbuild

A Photo Op with Minister Fantino and Earth Rangers Director.

This Magazine Interview – July 2011 – “A look at the inner workings of one of Canada’s Greenest Buildings

Video interview by Career Mash – how technology and environment mix in one building.

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